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rawVis: A System for In-situ Visual Exploration & Analytics

RawVis system enables efficient in-situ visual exploration and analytics directly over large raw data files without the need of an underlying DBMS or a query engine. RawVis exhibited low response time over large datasets (e.g., 50G & 100M objects) using commodity hardware.

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These datasets are running on a single machine with 16GB of RAM.

Taxi Use Case [url]

In this use case, each object refers to a specific taxi ride described by several attributes, such as: Geographic pick-up location (Lat, Long), Payment type, Passenger count, Tip amount, Trip distance. Each visualized point/cluster corresponds to a pick-up location of a taxi ride.

The objects are from the NYC Yellow Taxi Trip dataset.

Telecommunication Use Case [url]

Data are from an anonymized telecommunication dataset containing latency and signal strength measurements. Each visualized point/cluster refers to a network latency and signal measurement, described by several attributes, such as the geographic location (Lat, Long), latency, signal strength and network bandwidth, as well as categorical attributes such as Network type, Network Operator Name, Device Manufacturer, Roaming, etc.

Video Demonstration

RawVis basic functionality is presented in this video

Source Code

RawVis source code is hosted on GitHub and is available under GNU/GPL license.

QueryER: An SQL Engine for Query-Driven Entity Resolution

QueryER is an SQL engine which integrates entity resolution (ER) operations in the planning and execution of select-​project-join queries. It offers three novel query operators, which (1) identify and resolve duplicates within a table employing a schema agnostic resolution approach; (2) enables joins between two or more tables containing duplicate entities; and (3) group/merge deduplicated entities into a single representation.

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Source Code

QueryER source code is hosted on GitHub and is available under GNU/GPL license.